Healthier home

Greener plumbing not only reduces water consumption and conserves energy better, but it also makes the water you use at home healthier and safer for your family.

Take for instance the whole-house filtration system. It beats all traditional plumbing systems when it comes to removing microorganisms, particulates, chemicals and other minuscule contaminants, delivering much cleaner water to your home. It also prolongs the lifespan of your water heater and lowers its energy usage as well.

With the innovative osmosis systems and carbon filters of green plumbing, you can drastically improve the quality of water at home. Once carbon filters are installed in units like shower heads & taps, they efficiently absorb most of the pollutants from the water you use for personal needs. Reverse osmosis filtration, on the other hand, helps purify the water you use for cooking and drinking and makes it much safer for you and your family.

Conserve energy

When it comes to conserving energy at your home, plumbing often doesn’t cross people’s minds. However, ensuring that your plumbing appliances and systems are energy-efficient will help you lower energy costs considerably and reduce your carbon footprint.​

One such energy-efficient practice is to insulate your pipes well. One major factor that causes energy wastage is the loss of heat through the pipes in your home. Insulating these can prohibit heat loss water as your hot water travels from the heater to your shower or taps.​

Energy-saving water heaters are another example of an excellent conservation option. Switching to a green water heater can reduce your energy bill by up to 15%. Tankless water heaters also prevent having to reheat water throughout the day, get it to your desired temperature within seconds, and make it available only when you need it.

Water consumption

Choosing the right plumbing fixtures or appliances can lessen the amount of water you use considerably. They help you save big on bills and can help you consume up to a whopping 60% less water.

Some facts:

  • Low-flow shower heads cut down the average 19 litres a minute to 9 litres a minute, without affecting your shower routine.
  • Single-lever taps and low-flow taps in your kitchen and bathroom decrease water consumption from 15 litres a minute to 9 litres a minute, about a 40% direct usage reduction.
  • Dual flush toilets reduce the very inefficient 14 litres per flush usage of regular toilets to a maximum of just 6 litres per flush, which helps you save about 40 litres of water per person every day.

Water recycling

Reducing and reusing water is a great way to make sure we have enough and help care for the environment itself.

Recycling water means we have another water source to rely on in the future. We don't need to use drinking water to flush toilets or water the lawn. Recycled water can do the job safely and just as well.

Five ways to reduce your environmental impact using plumbing:

  1. Reducing water waste and stopping leaks
  2. Ensure your shower head is limited to 9L per minute
  3. Installing solar hot water systems or heat pump systems
  4. Install a rainwater tank, to reuse and recycle water
  5. Planting low-maintenance and native plants in your backyard

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